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July 2023

***New Product*** 
Surface Mount Chokes - SSQ12N-U series from K-Well

Switched mode power supply uses a common mode choke on the AC power line to mitigate Electromagnetic interference.  Traditionally through hole components have been used, which required a lengthy and expensive manual assembly process. 

To enable a fully automated assembly and more cost-efficient process, Kormag is pleased to introduce the SSQ12N-U series from K-Well, which offers popular values such as 15mH with a 1.2A max value. With dimensions of 18mm x 17mm x 9mm, we have a compact footprint using a SMD package, with flat wire windings.

High permeability materials deliver a high impedance to both common and differential mode noise with flat wire winding reducing power losses. This range of parts can be used in SMPS topologies like Flyback, Forward and PFC boost converters with a power rating ranging from 20 watts to 120 watts.
For datasheets, click the button below!

EMC common mode filter
April 2023

Y-capacitance multiplier IC shrinks EMC inductors

At APEC in Florida, Texas Instruments introduced a family of ICs designed to shrink the size of EMC anti-emission common-mode filters in single and three-phase mains and automotive power converters.

April 2023

Texas A&M Discovers New Circuit Element: The Meminductor

The physical realization of the third “mem” component gives designers access to new elements for the next generation of electronics.

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