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Kaschke Soft Ferrite are based on the magnetic materials, Nickel Zinc & Manganese Zinc. Our popular ferrite are ring, E, U, I and Planar cores, which are used in many electrical and electronic applications such as, filter assemblies, complete pre adjusted coils, high frequency transformers, current transformers, directional couplers for antenna technology and various forms of Inductors or chokes. We have 24 grades of soft ferrite offering varying values of permeability, in particular our range of ring cores.

Kaschke have their own ferrite production facility in Germany and a comprehensive tool room, where we can offer custom ferrite solutions for customers.

A new service is CNC grinding from a block of ferrite, or similar, to provide a custom shape. Ideal for prototypes before committing to final tooling.

Ring cores, E, U & I core selection in our latest 2015 data book. Please see the link below

For individual Ferrite material specifications please visit Kaschke.de or please contact us at info@kormag.co.uk